BMIC – Relax it will be Fabulous

BMIC is a Singapore-based event planning company whose sole purpose is to ensure that you look good. Our colourful portfolio is testament to the fact that we can be your event consultant, event organizer, and events planner all rolled into one. This has pushed us to the top of our class in the fiercely competitive world of event planning.

We at BMIC may have a flair for parties, but we also know the importance of putting up a solid and professional front. Hence when it comes to corporate event planning, corporate event management and corporate communications, we can confidently say that we are one of the forerunners in the industry.

As brand communication and brand awareness is vital to an organization’s success, grab the bull by the horns an d let us help you put together a collage of unforgettable memories. Be it right here at home in Singapore, past the border in Malaysia, across the sea in Indonesia or anywhere else that tickles your fancy in the Asia Pacific region, BMIC’s event management services will be sure to thrill even the most jaded of cynics.

What people are saying about BMIC

“…they took care of EVERYTHING for us, it turned out great! So great, it was the talk of the week at work.”

“Best Feedback we have ever gotten. They kicked the event out of the park.”

“BMIC, we couldn’t have done it without your help! Thank you so much, we’’ be back!”

“Simply Magic!!!!”